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About Our Company

Trinity Development is one of the oldest and largest land development companies in Conway. Founded in 1977 by the late Robert L. Ott, Trinity laid the groundwork for the development of Conway. Today, through the guidance of the Ott family, Trinity Development continues to grow with Conway by developing commercial, residential, and office projects.

Trinity Development is operated by Jim Rankin, Jr., President, Adam Harrison, Courtnie Pledger, Jeremy Gass, Talon Houston, Lindsay Stobaugh, and Harleigh Lagasse. Trinity owns and manages over 300,000 square feet of office and commercial rental in addition to 573 apartment units in Faulkner County. Trinity also completed Scherman Heights Planned Unit Development, which is Conway’s first mixed use development bringing together patio homes, offices, and commercial property within the same project.

Meet Our Team

Jim Rankin


Adam Harrison

Vice President

Courtnie Pledger

Lindsay Stobaugh

Talon Houston

Harleigh Lagasse

Lainie Lagasse

Jeremy Gass

Ray Flores

Tom Johnston

Brett Roberts

Gary Smith


"My recent business venture would not have been possible—much less easy—without Trinity Development to help me along. They were indispensable in making this happen for me."
- D. Spurgers
"Trinity Development makes the best apartment complexes I've ever stayed in. I love the design, the construction is of the highest quality, and I could not be happier."
- T. Lyle

If You’re Looking, We’ve Got Conway Covered

Whether you’re looking to lease an Apartment, Office Space, Executive Suite, Retail Space or Industrial Real Estate, we welcome the opportunity to be of service.